CNC machine trainer

CNC Lathe Machine

Model : SL-MEL-01

01). A CNC Computer Lathe with a slant bed construction and built in support cabinet. The machine should allow industrial level training and production with ferrous and non ferrous materials, with appropriate accessories.
02). The machine should have an integral touch sensitive control panel Allowing the machine to be operated without a computer if required, Which should incorporate illuminated push buttons, and an integrated Emergency stop button. The main drive should be an AC motor with inverter controlled drive package and overload cut-out, axes motors should be DC steppers with bi-polar chopper drives.
03). The machine should have full perimeter guarding with safe switches in the positive (safety) mode on access doors and guards, which will stop the spindle and axes movements and an interlocked sward tray. The machine should include an automatic programmable 6 positions tool changer.
04). The software should include 3D solid graphics with rotation and zooming. Programming should be by
05). ISO G & M Codes.
06). The software should include as an integral part the following features:
      a) Computer Aided Design package with Import/Export to/from most known CAD packages.
      b) Computer Aided Manufacturing processing package.
      c) Manual Data Input facility.
      d) G & M Program Import facilities.
      e) Graphical Views and Simulations facilities, 2D, 3D, Zooming etc.
      f) Manufacture facility.
      g) Administrator (Tutor) Functions.
      h) SPECIFICATIONS - Mechanical.
07). Working Area:
      a) Swing over bed: 250mm.
      b) X axis travel: 200mm.
      c) Z axis travel: 265mm.
      d) Distance between centres: 350mm.
      e) Maximum turning diameter: (swing over cross slide) 105mm.
      f) Maximum turning length: 265mm
08). Bed:
      a) Bed hardened and ground with precision anti-backlash ball screw fitted to both axes.
09). Coolant capacity:
      a) 15 Litres (water soluble fluid).
10). Slide way lubrication:
      a) Automatic (programmable timer).
11). Headstock:
      a) Spindle speeds: 200 to 3200rpm (Infinitely variable).
      b) Spindle bored to pass: 35mm
      c) Spindle nose mounting: 3" D1 Camlock
      d) Spindle bore No.: 4.5 Taper (ASA.B5.10-1960).
12). Axis Drives:
      a) Stepper motor:
      b) Rapid traverse rate: 2000 mm/min.
      c) Feed rate: 0 to 999mm/min.
      d) Feed Modes: 2 Feed modes (per rev/per min)
      e) Maximum feed force in X and Y: 1500 N
      f) Maximum torque (at 60%): 1.62 NM.
      g) System resolution: 0.001mm.
      h) Mechanical resolution: 0.005mm.
13). Tool System:
      a) Programmable disc type tool post: 8 stations uni-directional
      b) Tool support: Locking wedge.
      c) Shank height & width for external tooling:
      d) 3- (12x12 mm) ISO.
      e) (16x16 mm) ISO.
      f) Diameter for internal tools: Dia 20 Max.
      g) Indexing time - station/station: 1.5 sec.
      h) Indexing time - full revolution: 4.75 sec. (7 indexes).
14). Chuck:
      a) 125mm super precision 3 jaw self centering chuck
15). Tooling Package:
      a) 1 x LH turning tool
      b) 1 x RH turning tool
      c) 1 x Pack of 10 inserts for turning tool
      d) 1 x Parting off tool
      e) 1 x Pack of 10 inserts for parting off tool.
      f) 1 x External threading tool
      g) 1 x Pack of 10 inserts for threading tool
      h) 1 x Boring bar
      b) 1 x Pack of 10 inserts for boring tool
      c) 1 x Centre drill
      d) 1 x Twist drill: Dia 7 mm (Stub).
      e) 1 x Twist drill: Dia 10 mm (stub).
      f) 2 x Adaptor bush: Dia 10 mm.
      g) 1 x Adaptor bush: Dia 7 mm.
      h) 1 x Adaptor bush; Dia 6.3 mm.
16). Approximate Dimensions
      a) Machine Net Weight: 560 kg
      b) Machine Gross Weight: 800 kg.
      c) Machine Dimensions: 1965 (L) x 650 (W) x 1585 mm (H).
17). Specifications – Electrical:
      a) Main supply: 110/240volts 50/60 Hz 1ph.
      b) Main drive motor: 1.5kw (2HP).
      c) Spindle drive: AC motor with inverter control package and overload cut-out.
      d) Axes motors: Stepper motors with bi-polar chopper drives. 200 steps/rev in 1/2 step increments.
18). Control:
      a) Personal Computer (included), with minimum specification is for Pentium P4 - 1.5 GB with 100MB space hard disc capacity, SVGA - 16 bit (high colour) monitor, mouse, 3.5" disc drive and one free serial port and CD-ROM drive. Internet explorer vers 4.0 or better installed. (The current best available).
19). Standard Equipment
      a) CAD/CAM Software
      b) Back-Up Software Disc
      c) Built-in power take-off point
      d) Tool Mat
      e) Interlinking cable (Machine to Computer)
      f) Swarf Tray
      g) Instruction Manual
      h) Programming Manual.