Geotechnical Engineering Lab Equipments

Earth Resistivity Meter

Model: SL-GT-035

Capable of measuring earth voltage (V A.C.) 2mA measuring current permits the testing of earth resistance without tripping earth leakage current circuit breakers in the circuit. Auto power off function. The timer operates auto power off function. The time operates the "PUSH BUTTON SWITCH" and "TIMER ON BUTTON' are pressed together. This will keep the test "NO" for about three to five minutes. Then auto power off.
Battery operated
Data hold function
Small and light weight
IEC 1010 CAT III 200V
Calibration performed with supplied test leads

Specification:Measurement Ranges

Earth Resistance: 0-20W/0-200W/0-2000W

Earth Voltage: 0-200V AC (40-500Hz)