Environmental Engineering Lab Equipments

high volume sampler

Model: SL-EE-022

Suspended Particles upto 100 microns have emerged as the most critical among all the criteria air pollutants & is caused by number of sources like:
- Large, medium & small-scale industries
- Road dust construction activities, house hold fuel cooking, waste burning, vehicular emissions etc.
In order to control the pollution, it is necessary to periodically monitor the air to determine the extent of pollution and to identify the source of emission is designed to meet these needs. This model confirm to guidelines of Central Pollution Control Board.

The high volume air sampler collects suspended particulates on large filter paper. The name high volume is appropriate because the sampling flow rate has a high level of 20 to 60 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). Because of the high flow rate, large quantities of particles ranging from 0.1 to 1 gram are collected over a typical 24-hour sampling period. This facilitates gravimetric and chemical analysis and is the advantage high volume samplers have over other air sampling methods.

Special Features
- Brushless Blower. - Low running cost. - Low noise operation.
- Controlled flow. - Light Weight & Small in Size. - Drain plug for manometer.

Technical Specification
Flow rate : 0.8 to 1.8 m3/min
Particle Size : Down to 1.6 micron depending upon Filter used
Blower : Continuous duty blower with brushless motor
Recommended filter : GF/A (8" X 10") for common use, EPM 2000 for Special Research or equivalent
Time Record : 0 to 99999.99 hrs. Time totalizer records the running time in hours
Timer : 24 Hr programmable timer, number of required intervals can be programmed
Power requirement : 220 Volts, Single phase AC